Place | Mind | Spirit Re-View at SΘK Gallery

Installation view, SΘK Gallery, 2023

A special installation of Susan Moldenhauer’s series, Place | Mind | Spirit can be seen by appointment only at SΘK Gallery in Laramie, WY.

Place | Mind | Spirit Re-View is a body of work created between 2002 and 2008. She writes: Place | Mind | Spirit was a celebration for me, being in Wyoming, having been appointed the director of the Univerity of Wyoming Art Museum, and feeling grounded. I hadn’t made any pictures for almost two years and decided it was critical that I get photography back in my life. It was the beginning of my second decade here, and from the beginning, I had been fascinated by the ever-changing sky, the ever-present wind, the light on the landscape.”

The landscape between Laramie and Cheyenne became a focal point for her work as she was attracted to the open meadows and the scale changes that space and distance offer. The quality of air at 8000 ft was unusual for her, having been born in Chicago and raised in its suburbs where grayness was pervasive.

Using her own presence on the land, she danced with fabric before her camera in an effort to make wind a partner. The format is panoramic in the work on view; there is a companion series that is square. Advancements in desktop printing made it possible for her to print her own images in black and white after years of working with a lab to make her prints.

The opportunity for Moldenhauer to re-visit this work after so many years has led to re-titling the previous generic references to these images.

SΘK Gallery is an event space for the arts and is available for house concerts, pop up exhibitions, and readings. Contact her at for more information or to schedule a time for viewing the exhibition.  SΘK Gallery is located at 1004 S 2nd St in Laramie. More information may be found at SΘK Gallery on FaceBook.