Moldenhauer joins the photo collective, Photo Pensato

Susan Moldenhauer recently joined the Denver-based photo collective, Photo Pensato.

Pensato is an Italian term for a musical note so exquisite that it can neither be played nor heard. The collective of 10 photographers seeks to create images that capture that ‘exquisite note,’ elusive spirit, and timeless power of photography.  Through a shared aesthetic and an appreciation of each other’s photographic efforts to discover, learn, and grow, Photo Pensato endeavors to where their work with the larger world around us.

The photographs of Photo Pensato are Thomas Carr, Raj Manickam, Shephen Podrasky, Ward Russell, Ron Johnson, Susan Moldenhauer John Shelton, Linda Little, James Montague, and Michael Trupiano. Their next scheduled exhibition is in early 2024 at the Sangre de Cristo Art Center in Pueblo, CO.

SΘK Gallery presents Water | Vapor with the Laramie Public Art Walk

Water | Vapor installation view, SOK Gallery, Laramie, WY 2023

SΘK Gallery presented Water | Vapor for the Laramie Public Art Walk in April 2023. The Pop Up is an ongoing annual event that pairs businesses with artists for a weekend celebration of the arts in Laramie, turning downtown into an extended gallery district.

Water | Vapor was an exhibition of new work by Wendy Lemen Bredehoft and Susan Moldenhauer. Bredehoft’s work was drawn from her sketches made in the Caribbean which were transformed into Strappos and then Jacquard tapestries that she embellishes with hand-stitching.  Moldenhauer presented new photographs from her series, Since then, that continues her exploration of the emotive power of clouds as she reflects on her time of life, American history in the making, and the greater issues of climate change, war, the pandemic, and the state of the United States.


Our children draw swooping rockets, not shooting stars selected for two exhibitions

Our children draw swooping rockets, not shooting stars (April 3, 2022)

Our children draw swooping rockets, not shooting stars (April 3, 2022) was selected to be included in Light, Southeast Center for Photography, Greenville, SC, and 2023 Annual Members Show, Colorado Center for Photography, Denver, CO.

Light, juried by Douglas Beasley, opens on July 7, 2023, with a reception from 6-8 pm and continues through July 29, 2023. Selections may be viewed here.

The 2023 Annual Members Show, juried by Mia Dalglish and Lisa Woodward, opens July 11 and continues through August 12, 2023. The opening reception is Saturday, July 15, 2023, from 5 – 8 pm. The exhibition is in the gallery’s new location at 1200 Lincoln Street, Suite 111, Denver, CO 80203.

Our children draw swooping rockets . . . is from the series, Since then, and continues my exploration of the emotive power of clouds to reflect on my time of life, American history in the making, and the greater issues of climate change, war, the pandemic, and the state of the United States.

What Remains . . . selected for The Overstory

What Remains was selected for THE OVERSTORY: Photographic Works About Forests, Trees, their Wood, and the Memory they Contain which was presented at Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. The exhibition was on view from September 30 – October 28, 2022.

From the call for work: “Trees are the breath of the world. The memory of our soul. They encapsulate carbon, breathe out oxygen. They give us wood, fruit, nuts, soil, and shade. In their long lineage, they embed time, a patient record of the world we step in and out of barely noticed.

Likely the original home of our primordial ancestors, trees bore our kin like gentle matriarchs, ultimately enabling humans to achieve everything our species has done, including the destruction of the forests themselves.

In a sense, it is in the forest where the battle for the fate of all of life takes place. Therefore it is in wood where one will find the record of the world awaiting.”

What Remains is from an as-yet untitled series of images that explores the changes in the southeast Wyoming landscape at a time of drought and fire, increasingly limited access to public lands, and expanding industrialization and settlement of the landscape.

The exhibition was presented as a FotoFocus Biennial Particitpating Venue Exhibit.


F-Stop Magazine includes Hey! What’s that sound . . . in Black and White 2023

Hey! What’s that sound . . . (August 12, 2022) was selected for the online magazine F-Stop‘s exhibition Black and White 2023.

Hey! What’s that sound . . . (August 12, 2022) is from a new series Since Then. It continues the exhibition of combing found text with images from the same time period to explore the resonance between the emotive power of clouds and the current state of affairs in America.

Black and White 2023 appears in Issue #117 February – March 2023.