Moldenhauer joins the photo collective, Photo Pensato

Susan Moldenhauer recently joined the Denver-based photo collective, Photo Pensato.

Pensato is an Italian term for a musical note so exquisite that it can neither be played nor heard. The collective of 10 photographers seeks to create images that capture that ‘exquisite note,’ elusive spirit, and timeless power of photography.  Through a shared aesthetic and an appreciation of each other’s photographic efforts to discover, learn, and grow, Photo Pensato endeavors to where their work with the larger world around us.

The photographs of Photo Pensato are Thomas Carr, Raj Manickam, Shephen Podrasky, Ward Russell, Ron Johnson, Susan Moldenhauer John Shelton, Linda Little, James Montague, and Michael Trupiano. Their next scheduled exhibition is in early 2024 at the Sangre de Cristo Art Center in Pueblo, CO.