The Carissa Mine (2016 – 2020)

Carissa MIne, South Pass City 2017

Carissa MIne, South Pass City 2017

Sequencing Through Time & Place: The Carissa Mine presents a contemporary response to place through works that explore the physical, historical, and cultural aspects of the historic Carissa Mine through photography, dance and movement (video and performance), and mixed media. The exhibition concentrates on three sections of the mine: the smaller head or “hoist” house where ore was extracted and brought to the surface (the “white” or “light side”), the trestle for transporting the ore, and the mill house (or larger “dark side”) where gold was processed from the ore.

On location, we work side by side and apart. Our days are structured between working, meals and discussions. Once we were back in our respective studios to examine what imagery and ideas we captured and how to evolve that into final work, we realized through continuing discussions that several themes or ideas overlap at the Carissa: light and darkness, texture, architecture and machinery, repetitive structures and processes, the overwhelming sense of massive materials and toxic chemicals, moments of feeling the presence of others from another time, and the dominating sense of the human ingenuity and hard work.

Carissa Mine Gallery Guide, University of Wyoming

Carissa Mine (2016 – 2020)

Composite (2018)

Illuminance (2016 – 2020)

Installation Views