Bredehoft and Moldenhauer plan July event in SΘK gallery

Co-founders of Laramie’s biennial Touchstone Laramie are planning a two-person exhibition weekend in July in lieu of the full event that would regularly occur in fall 2022. Event planners decided to delay the larger exhibition again given the uncertainty of the COVID pandemic.

Wendy Lemen Bredehoft will present her newest embellished tapestries, Threading Through Time. The original images were made as field sketches and transformed into Strappo prints or pastels which were then converted into larger jacquard tapestries by a computerized, digital weaving mill in North Carolina. Jacquard fabric is a process in which the image and its colors are incorporated into the weaving of the fabric rather than dyed onto the fabric surface. Bredehoft hand-stitches onto the weavings, creating new textures and bringing visual emphasis to the images. As she combines traditional handcrafted techniques with contemporary weavings, new ways of thinking about the imagery inspired the next versions.

Susan Moldenhauer will present photographic images from her View from Home series and the recent exhibition, Every thing is not all right. With the 2017 inauguration, she began working with text—found words from the media and press—and images made in response to the ever-active high-plains skies of Laramie. Timestamping both maintain a conceptual connection between them. The series became an emotional response to the fast-paced, immediate, and reactive hyper-social media bombardment that was part of our collective experience during the next four years. Her tonally nuanced prints further the emotional potential of how image and text work together.

NEW WORK: Wendy Lemen Bredehoft and Susan Moldenhauer marks their first two-person endeavor since 2004 when the artists presented their work in an exhibition at the Territorial Prison. Thinking that it may benefit the artist community in Laramie to work together for a larger group event, they established the Laramie Artists Project which presented the first full-scale exhibition in 2006.

The exhibition will be the inaugural exhibit in the new SΘK (soak) Gallery at 1004 S Second St. It will be open to the public on Saturday, June 23, 10 am – 5 pm and Sunday, June 24, 12 – 5 pm.



Exhibition opening at Regis University

She needs a round, and not like she used to serve (July 21, 2019)

I am very excited to announce an exhibition of my work, Every thing is not all right, at the O’Sullivan Art Gallery at Regis University in Denver, CO. The exhibition opens on March 7, 2022, and continues through April 7, 2022.

Every thing is not all right is a selection of 38 works from the first four years of the View from Home series. Inspired by the 2016 election, the series began on the night before the inauguration and is a response to shared and personal events since then. It began and continues as an exploration of juxtaposing images and found text. My interest is one of empowering the print with an emotional equivalence to the text as a way of acknowledging and reconciling the present time and history.

Every thing is not all right presents a time when fast-paced, immediate, and reactive hyper-social media escalated dramatically. Truth and lies. Discord and division. Pandemic. Climate. Democracy. All challenged.

Exhibition announcement

This exhibition was funded in part by a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council.

Works in Two Juried Exhibitions during February/March

I am pleased to announce that I have works in two juried exhibitions in February and March.

Illuminance X

Size Matters (February 11 – March 11, 2022) is on view at Sparks Gallery in San Diego, CA. Juried by Bayley Mizelle, Director of the Photographic Arts Council Los Angeles (PAC LA), the exhibition celebrates artwork smaller than 10 inches in scale by 40 artists from North America and Europe. Size Matters is the premier photography exhibition by Medium Photo that recognizes photographic directions in small-scaled works.

Illuminance X (2018, 7 x 7 inches) is from my collaborative work with Sequencing Through Time and Place at the Carissa Gold Mine, South Pass City, WY. It is part of a small series of images that explore the focused illuminations of light that move through the main building of the mine as the sun passes with the day.

Reaching the zenith of darkness (December 21, 2019)

All About the Light (February 4 – March 26, 2022) was juried by Susan Burnstine, award-winning fine art and commercial photographer, for the Southeast Center for Photography in Greenville, SC. The exhibition explores the use of light, illumination, and darkness in contemporary images by 40 photographers. An online exhibition and catalog are available.

Reaching the zenith of darkness (December 21, 2019; 16 x 20 inches) is from my current View from Home series which began 5 years ago when I began intuitively juxtaposing images and found text, not only as a reflection on what the text refers to but what might be implied within the visceral experience of the photographic print. The series was inspired by the 2017 inauguration and my approaching career shift to my studio practice 10 months later, both acutely focused my attention on time and place — my time in my life, my geographic place, and my view from this place in the context of national and world events. The View from Home series continues as an exploration in empowering the print with an emotional or poetic equivalence to the text as a way of reconciling this moment in time and history.


Welcome to a special sale of my work dating back to the 1980s.

Over the years my work has ranged widely in subject matter and technique, but at its heart is the landscape, pictorial composition, intuitiveness, lyricism, and embracing the moment. Locations range from the Appalachian Mountains to the American West, Egypt, Cambodia, and Venice. Technological advances during my years of curatorial/arts administration have influenced how my work has evolved. The early color images were film-based and initially processed and printed by a lab. Digital technology enabled me to individualize image-making processes in my studio. Collaborations with other women artists—initially with photographer Jennifer Anne Tucker in Pennsylvania to more recently with artist Wendy Lemen Bredehoft and dancer/choreographer Margaret Wilson (Sequencing Through Time and Place)—have broadened my creative practice. In all cases, my commitment to composing at the time of exposure begins the process of bringing images to life through the final print.

As I now work on a solo exhibition of my current View from Home series at the O’Sullivan Art Gallery at Regis University (March 2022), I seek good homes for the work available below to be able to fully realize this upcoming exhibition. Please look, enjoy, and consider adding to your collection or gifting to others as the holiday season approaches.

I am offering a 20% discount for purchases made through November 30, 2021.

The following links will take you to the Viewing Rooms. Please INQUIRE if you have questions or if you are ready to make a purchase. I am happy to deliver work in Laramie. Shipping charges outside Laramie will be included in your invoice.

Early Works

Place | Mind | Spirit I

Place | Mind | Spirit II

A Passenger’s Gaze (or I80@80)


View from Home: Early Work

Sequencing Through Time and Place: Fort Laramie

Sequencing Through Time and Place: Venice

Sequencing Through Time and Place: The Carissa Mine

Sequencing Through Time and Place: The Composites

I look forward to hearing from you.

View from Home selected for Election 2020: What Matters

It Is What It Is (May 6, 2020)


Susan Moldenhauer’s sweeping meditation on the Trump administration is deceptively beautiful, with images as soaring as the western skies she resides under, but when paired with words, the images are empowered with purpose. — Billy Howard, curator, Election 2020: What Matters

Recently, a selection of my View from Home | Season IV images–all made since the onset of the COVIC-19 pandemic–were selected for publication in the online photography magazine called South X Southeast. Curated by photographer and writer Billy Howard, the series Election 2020: What Matters poses a compelling idea in this pandemic age of social isolation–to consider a series by artists thinking about the future as we approach the presidential election. The result is an intriguing collection of essays that explore what is occupying artists and writers’ minds and work in considering What Matters Now. Published in July 2020, this and the next three issues of South X Southeast photomagazine will include essays on this topic.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Billy Howard and publisher Nancy McCrary for including my work in this important series.