What Remains . . . selected for The Overstory

What Remains was selected for THE OVERSTORY: Photographic Works About Forests, Trees, their Wood, and the Memory they Contain which was presented at Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. The exhibition was on view from September 30 – October 28, 2022.

From the call for work: “Trees are the breath of the world. The memory of our soul. They encapsulate carbon, breathe out oxygen. They give us wood, fruit, nuts, soil, and shade. In their long lineage, they embed time, a patient record of the world we step in and out of barely noticed.

Likely the original home of our primordial ancestors, trees bore our kin like gentle matriarchs, ultimately enabling humans to achieve everything our species has done, including the destruction of the forests themselves.

In a sense, it is in the forest where the battle for the fate of all of life takes place. Therefore it is in wood where one will find the record of the world awaiting.”

What Remains is from an as-yet untitled series of images that explores the changes in the southeast Wyoming landscape at a time of drought and fire, increasingly limited access to public lands, and expanding industrialization and settlement of the landscape.

The exhibition was presented as a FotoFocus Biennial Particitpating Venue Exhibit.