In the Land of Earthborn Spirits (2009 – 2011)

Twenty miles east of Laramie, WY is a place called Vedauwoo, a Precambric wrinkle in the earth where, over the millennia, natural forces sculpted a rocky oasis.  Its name comes from the Arapaho word for “earthborn” – bito’o’ wu. Today it is a favored rock climbing destination.

Every two years, the University of Wyoming Dance program presents a vertical dance performance on the flat rises of granite at Vedauwoo. The opportunity to photograph during rehearsals led to this series. I approached this work as a consideration of exploring metaphors for the spiritual made manifest in light and shadow, scale and human presence.

Technical information

Images were captured digitally with a Canon 5D, 24 – 105mm lens, processed in Photoshop and printed with archival pigment prints on professional photography paper. Image size is 4 x 6 inches.