View from Home (2017 – )

The View from Home series began on the last day the Obama Administration. Images made from our home on the high plains prairie south of Laramie, WY are paired with titles that convey global, national, or personal events. Keeping a daily list of potential titles drawn from the headlines, news, off-handed comments, cyclical calendar events and personal experiences, images and titles are made or captured within a 24 hour period. With this work, I am interested in responding to our current, tumultuous political climate in the context of my personal life, the collective sense of place that evolves through images over time, the sense of isolation opposite our global awareness through media, and how disparate images and words find resonance. Now in the third year of the current administration, the series is structured as a set of “seasons” which reference the reality TV nature of our government today.

iPhone 7, 8.5 x 11 inches

Season I

Season II

Season III