Exhibition opening at Regis University

She needs a round, and not like she used to serve (July 21, 2019)

I am very excited to announce an exhibition of my work, Every thing is not all right, at the O’Sullivan Art Gallery at Regis University in Denver, CO. The exhibition opens on March 7, 2022, and continues through April 7, 2022.

Every thing is not all right is a selection of 38 works from the first four years of the View from Home series. Inspired by the 2016 election, the series began on the night before the inauguration and is a response to shared and personal events since then. It began and continues as an exploration of juxtaposing images and found text. My interest is one of empowering the print with an emotional equivalence to the text as a way of acknowledging and reconciling the present time and history.

Every thing is not all right presents a time when fast-paced, immediate, and reactive hyper-social media escalated dramatically. Truth and lies. Discord and division. Pandemic. Climate. Democracy. All challenged.

Exhibition announcement

This exhibition was funded in part by a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council.